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How to Buy

We developed Foonys online store to make the search for a nice painting to decorate your home of office an enjoyable journey. First you will visit the home page where you will find different types of paintings. We arranged the products in as many collections as to satisfy all tastes of visitors. 

You can browse the paintings according to the orientation and shape of the painting you want: you have Square, Vertical and Horizontal paintings. You can browse a certain type of drawing: Abstract, impressionist, Freehand, and you can also browse paintings that simulate Oil or Aqua painting. 

You can also browse according to the occasion or a certain object: if you want to view Paintings that represent Summer. Winter, Fall or paintings that have boats, or even cities. 

The material of our Paintings are either Canvas or High quality Photo Paper posters 380 grams. For large sizes you will have Canvas material, while if you want smaller sizes you can choose Photo Paper. 

All paintings come in a natural wood frame, either internal frame and the painting is packed around it, or an external frame. All frames are modern flat frames, and if you need a special size or frame (or even receive the painting without a frame) you can contact us through email or from the contact form. For Photopaper paintings, you receive the painting in a wooden and glass frame. 

How to use the site: when you browse the site for paintings, on the painting you like you will find an icon of shopping and another heart icon. If you click the heart icon it will be saved into your wish list. And if this is not your first visit to the site, and still don't know much about it it is better to click on the painting image itself, where you will be carried to the product page.
On the product page you will be directed to choose the material first: Canvas - Paper, then the size (notice that the price will change upon your choices) and then you will choose the type/color of the frame. 

With your choice you will see the price of your exact choice and also the painting image will change accordingly. If you clicked on the shopping icon instead, all the variants will show where you can choose from them, and an "Add to Cart" button will appear where you will be able to click on it to add it to your shopping cart. 

When you want to finish your purchase you can click on the shopping icon in the top right corner where you will be taken to the shopping cart and enter your contact details and address, where you will be lead to the payment gateway page and finish the payment. 

For payments we have 2 methods: either you pay by VISA/Master Cards, or you pay through mobile (Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat Cash). Finish your transaction and we will send you the tracking code as soon as we deliver your purchase to the courier. The process of delivering to the courier takes 3-4 business days and the courier should deliver within 2-3 days more. We always estimate 7-10 days from completing your order.  

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لوحة منزل في أحضان الطبيعة- كانفاس فن أنطباعي ديجيتال

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